In one of our employment incarnations, we were "namers". We were paid to come up with names for products, like toilets, pizzas, cars and credit cards. Here are some names we liked, that never made it:
  1. Poof of Purchase/Capitol One Purchase Eraser
    We liked Poof of Purchase but the suits went for Purchase Eraser. The original working title of the project
  2. G-Gnome/Chevy Sonic
    Chevy wanted a name for a small car that had the DNA of the old Chevy's. We liked The Chevy G-Gnome but the front office chose Sonic😥
  3. Absolute Zero/Capital One Zero points mortgage
    We were looking for an interesting angle and they went for blunt descriptive.
  4. Double Perking/capital One Double Rewards Card
    Not sure what they finally chose but it wasn't The Cap One Double Perking Card.
  5. Venture Card/Venture Card
    We were Ok with this one. We presented thousands of names, this being one of them. They passed it by and then two months later, circled back and chose it😀