Some observations about where we are all headed.
  1. Long term goals
    Don't need 'em! My horizon is five to ten years. If I get there, I'll make a new plan. No need to pay for twenty year warranties or lifetime guarantees.
  2. Costco products may outlast me
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    We have a huge box of plastic wrap we bought five years ago. It's only one third gone. Will this be my legacy?
  3. Personal growth ...
    ... My nose seems to be growing. I swear it's starting to block my peripheral vision. Really!
  4. Unfulfilled dreams can be liberating
    Ok, so you didn't achieve everything you hoped to do. Whatever! You did some cool stuff and were nice to most people in the process. You're way ahead of the game.
  5. My two favorite songs about getting old
    Bookends. Simon and Garfunkel Hello in There. John Prine
  6. Short term goals
    Learn to sing and play "Hello in There" Master the "Eagle" in yoga w/out spazzing Kayak twenty miles in a day. . Shave my beard. Piss off a stranger (I'm too nice). Learn to cook something. Get ten likes on the list app (no pressure). Write a new song.
  7. Dinner conversations
    Too often devolve into drugs and hip and knee replacements.