For some reason I thought of how expressions that we hear over and over, sound so different when you switch a word or two. Suggestions welcome. It's never or now!
  1. It's a matter of death and life
  2. Through thin and thick
  3. The ugly The good. and the Bad
  4. You lose some and you win some
  5. A minute a mile
  6. A bag mixed
  7. Life is just a cherry bowl
  8. A white little lie
  9. Barrel, stock and lock
  10. Shakers and movers
  11. The word's mum
  12. Invention is the child of necessity
  13. Tuck and nip
  14. No barred holds
  15. Good news is no news
  16. No asked questions
  17. Not for all of China's tea
  18. Not playing with a deck that's full
  19. It's never or now
  20. Nothing gained. Nothing ventured
  21. On the ninth cloud
  22. On needles and pins
  23. On my tongue's tip
  24. One man's poison is another man's meat
  25. A shut and open case
  26. Out of the way of harm
  27. Into the frying pan Out of the fire
  28. Crime partners
  29. Cream and peaches
  30. People who throw stones shouldn't live in glass houses
  31. Pound foolish, penny wise
  32. A thousand words is worth ... And on goes the list
  33. Roll, drop, stop
    Suggested by @rebecca
  34. The worm catches the bird early
    Suggested by @robyn
  35. Advocate for the devil.
    Suggested by @dball
  36. Those who wait get the good stuff
  37. Tat for tit
    Suggested by @plantan