A long time ago, I was the first Official Scrabble champion. Subsequently, Kathy and I wrote the very first Official Scrabble Players Dictionary. Here are a few tips you might find helpful.
  1. No whining about bad luck
    There's less luck in this game then you think. It's all about LETTER TURNOVER He who picks the most letters is more likely to get the blanks and esses and xx's, etc. Use as many letters as you can and odds are you will be "lucky." So stop sniveling and use more letters
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    The game revolves around getting that fifty point bonus for using all seven letters. In a tournament game, there may be as many as four bingoes (7 letter plays). Keep your e's and t's around for possible bingoes. Check out the attached game that @dev and I played
  3. Know your two and three letter words
    Your opponent will hate you when you play aa or ag or vug. But twos and threes are very helpful.
  4. Know when to fold 'em
    If you can't get any more than ten points, don't be afraid to lose a turn and trade in your bad letters.