Bad letters happen to good people. You gotta' know what to do because it WILL happen to you
  1. Q w/out the U
    Stop whimpering! In the olden days you might have gotten away with that shit. But today's Scrabble dictionary has words like qat, qi and many others. Dump your damn Q, take your 30 or 40 points and move along.
  2. Too many vowels. Too many consonants
    Do you also whine about it being too hot and then too cold? Suck it up! There are very specific words that are vowel or consonant dumps. Learn taeniae and a few others and instead of bemoaning your fate, you'll be racking up 80 point plays
  3. I didn't get the blanks. I didn't get the S's
    Of course you didn't you moron! Stop complaining and realize that you've been playing that annoying styleof one and two letter turns. So for every couple of new letters you pick up, your opponent picks up twice as many. Now who's most likely to get the blanks and S's and other good stuff? DUH!
  4. I never seem to have enough time to think
    Your opponent started off quickly and now he's preparing his next move on your thinking time. Maybe you should try doing the same thing to him.
  5. My opponent just broke my thumbs
    You deserved it fool! DO NOT linger when picking letters. Your worthy adversary might suspect you of choosing letters by feel. (A blank is smooth) This type of dawdling could result in permanent digital damage.
    I confess to occasional gloating when I am trouncing @dev or @Grosstastic I can assure you that this can result in merciless beatings and abuse. Win gracefully or you will pay dearly.