SANIBEL Island is a sanctuary island on the gulf coast of Florida that we are lucky enough to call home. No building is taller than the tallest tree and wildlife is vigilantly protected. Here are some SANIBEL signs.
  1. Low flying owls
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    If you've ever been buzzed by a low flying owl, you know how traumatic that can be. Luckily, these signs warn you so you won't be blindsided.
  2. Low flying Ospreys
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    Keep your head down on this island. Duck! (Bad pun😁)
  3. Nesting turtles
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    Turtles and their nests are diligently protected. In fact. Sanibel has instituted a program called "Dark Skies" Certain lights are not allowed so newborn turtles won't confuse the lights for the moon and walk towards the lights instead of to the sea.
  4. Alligators/Alligatoren
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    In the last fifteen years, gators have dined on two unfortunate people. They usually mind their own business, but, occasionally people feed them and that can lead to bad gator behavior.
  5. Gator sighting on our bike ride
  6. Gopher tortoises
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    Try to build a house near a gopher tortoise nest and you'll get hit with so much red tape from the city, it'll make your head spin.
  7. Static
  8. CROW
    Center for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife. We've come across several injured birds and called CROW who picked them up and rehabbed them. Each year, over 4,000 sick, injured and orphaned wildlife patients receive care from CROW's staff.
  9. Manatees
    They are vigorously protected. No worries @dev😎
  10. National Shell Museum
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    The premier shell museum in the country. Perhaps the only one? The prized shell finds on Sanibel are the elusive junonia or alpabet cone. (We found them both, but it took five years)
  11. Junonia
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