We received this truly bizarre ad in the mail. Check out the happy couple. They're smiling because they're all set to be cremated
  1. "Come learn about cremation and get a free meal"
    I think I've lost my appetite
  2. Bring your appointment calendar and leave your wallet at home.
    You won't need your wallet where you're going.
  3. "Register to win a free cruise"
    Is that before or after cremation?
  4. The fine print at the bottom says the cruise raffle is only open to: "first time attendees with no prior cremation arrangements."
    So to win the cruise you can't have any prior cremation experience?
  5. It says it's a limited time promotional offer
    So how soon do you have to be cremated?
  6. "Winner does not need to purchase a cremation policy to qualify."
  7. What a relief!