Spoiler alert! Read no further, if you want to continue believing a convenient lie. I've seen many smirky (I mean lovingly dismissive) lists about parents and technology. Here's the REAL TRUTH ...
  1. The internet
    So you think Mom and Dad are clueless when it comes to the inter webs? Hey, Al Gore, with our help, invented it. We know it inside and out. We were writing code when you were in diapers. We ask you questions and pretend to need help to make you feel smart and needed. We will stoop really low to build you guys up.
  2. All things digital
    We're just waiting for things to come full circle. Vinyl, real books ... Look out! Everything old will be new again. We are "analags" by choice. Now wipe that smirk off your face.
  3. The tv remote
    OK, there are a few mysterious buttons on it, but we've got volume and channels down, so whatever dude.
  4. AOL
    Again, yes, I will confess to having an AOL account. But I've got Gmail too. The sole purpose of the AOL account is to lull you guys into a false sense of superiority. Look out!
  5. Emoji Mojo
    ♿️😜🚙 We've got it! and...We can park anywhere😜