1. Pencils and pens
    Unopened boxes of paper mate pens and number 2 pencils. More than I will ever need in ten lifetimes
  2. Bicycle parts and old bike frames.
    I know I'll never use them, but I like them
  3. T shirts that have been relegated to the rag pile
    I have grown to be quite attached to my t shirts
  4. Plastic supermarket bags
    We save them for dog poop. If we had ten Great Danes, we'd never use them all. We have a small bichon.
  5. Small scraps of paper with vague references and phone numbers of people or things I can't really remember
    If I throw them out, I'll never know what their significance is. (I'll never know anyway) also, it's genetic. My father had the same affliction
  6. Glasses cases
    The glasses are gone but the cases inexplicably remain