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We spent the past week visiting @dev and @Grosstastic in Topanga Here are a few of our takeaways
  1. Hillbilly Hip
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    This is how The Topangans see their town, and it's true. Topanga is a delightful mix of crusty old timers and younger folk who enjoy laid back living. It's a chicgrittypooraffluent mish mosh that works surprisingly well.
  2. Views! Views! Views!
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    Topanga's natural beauty is stunning. Every morning we took a walk from Dev and Halley's house. Wherever we looked we saw breathtaking views of the mountains above and below.
  3. Nothing is Flat
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    No house seems to have been built on the same level as any other. Houses are nestled into the steep hills and mountains in an almost random fashion. If you wanted to visit your closest neighbor as the crow flies, you might have to walk 10 times as far on a winding, incredibly steep road. Walking anywhere in Topanga can be serious exercise.
  4. Town is Funkadelic
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    The actual town of Topanga is tiny but has a few cool, funky shops. We ate in almost every restaurant during our visit (four in all) and they were excellent. There's even a good pizza place.
  5. Dev and Halley's House
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  6. Mysterious mini "houses"
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    Nearly every property seems to have one or even two. What are they used for? ... Hmmm!