I'm beginning to fear I may be suffering from LAD ... List App Dependency. These are some of the warning signs
  1. Morning
    Waking up and, although I need to piss desperately, I check the list app first for cool new lists.
  2. Instagram?
    Is instagram getting boring or is list app just that good?
  3. Mind Games
    Feeling like I can enter the minds of total strangers, learning more about them from a list than real life
  4. Fear of being listless
    Feeling eerily attached to some listers. I've never even met them, but if the list app disappeared tomorrow, I would miss them😥
  5. It's unexplainable
    Try to describe what's so cool about the list app to a non lister. It's like trying to describe the color blue to a blind person: "ya' know it's ... It's like ...blueish. It's like a list Where people write anything and everything. No. It's not like a to do list. It's.... Never mind
  6. It reminds me of Tetris where even once you have stopped playing you can't stop thinking about it
    Suggested by @Anne