Seven Happy Moments From My Weekend Trip to NYC 🗽

Vulture Festival & A Food Tour
    Got to meet the genius, beautiful, confident co-creator of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, my new favorite show of the TV season. She was so sweet and genuine and I thanked her for showing us Filipinos the love! We even spoke about Filipino food. What a blast.
  2. Inside Mr. Robot
    Got to attend and listen to this incredible cast talk about this amazing show. So much insight. I'm ready for the season 2 intensity!
  3. View from my Hotel room makes me remember how much I love this city
  4. Open Bar at Vulture Festival!
    We just got to hang out in the cocktail lounge post show and while waiting for our next show...just drinking. Gave us the confidence to speak to Rachel Bloom ❤️
  5. Food Tour
    We decided to hit several spots on an impromptu food tour around NYC. The Butcher's Daughter (pictured) was so delightful.
  6. Happy Endings Reunion Panel
    Live streamed the Happy Endings Reunion panel from Vulture Festival, hoping for an announcement of a Hulu revival. Didn't get it but I'm not losing hope! COME ON, HULU!
  7. Pinot by Tituss
    Got a couple bottles of PEENO NOIR! 🍷