In which I do some demystifying & offer a glance from the other side...
  1. Static
  2. This is a picture of my family 24 years ago. We're cute.We're standing in a big glass house because my grandfather was a doctor & worked hard.
  3. My dad's name is Hassan Mahomed Mahomedy. If that aint the most muslim name you've ever seen, I don't know what is. But back then no one really cared about my gentle soul of a father's name & most people wouldn't be threatened by the idea of us immigrating to their country.
  4. Well, it's post 9/11 now. My childhood dreams of being like Sydney from Alias are long dead. We still look like dusky Syrians and we are still practicing muslims. Thankfully we don't need to immigrate.
  5. Even though SA has one of the highest rates of violent crime, I feel safer & much more comfortable here than I think I would in the type of America his Assholiness Trump has stirred up.
  6. And while Democrats list Muslims alongside the other groups of people Trump has insulted, I've noticed that we're frequently listed last. As though spokespeople are afraid to immediately raise the patriotic hackles of the average American.
  7. As though it's understandable that we might be disrespected. It's not. There are a billion muslims in the world with as many douches and good samaritans as any other equally ginormous sample. And, concomitantly, there are many different ways of being muslim.
  8. The manner in which muslims are spoken about in most examples of pop culture and mainstream media leaves me feeling misrepresented and othered. I was watching a bunch of American comedians converse on YouTube and they were joking about the difference between Sunnis and Shias.
  9. One comic says: 'So one group prays to the direct descendant of Mohamed & the other prays to the nephew?'. Cue the raucous laughter. NO. Muslims are monotheist. See -
  10. I don't blame the audience for cracking up. I just about know the difference between Sunnis & Shias myself. And if it was ever in doubt, most muslims can take a joke. But this quote is just a cheap, racist shot.
  11. Our road is a cul-de-sac so we have a community chat group & I've encountered racism & Islamophobia on it. There's a neighbour from up the road who is a relic of apartheid.
  12. This man always complains before Eid ul Adha, the muslim holiday where houses here with big enough land temporarily host livestock. Goats and sheep are sacrificed to feed the community, especially its poor.
  13. I say sacrificed because both children & adults look after the animals and there's a real sense of appreciation for them & loss when they die. Mr White Supremacist said: 'The western and civilised world have moved away from this practice but it seems some cultures still continue'.
  14. Firstly, gtfo. Many people eat meat and that meat does not fall from heaven on to your plate. Secondly, animals are protected from seeing their fate & bylaws are adhered to so sit down. Thirdly, I don't see what's so uncivilised about suburbanites respecting where their food comes from should they wish to do so.
  15. This was the gist of my response after a long time of staying silent, because I'd just about had enough of the condescension. 'We all have our opinions. What matters is that we live in a free country where we can practice what's important to us & make our own choices so long as doing so does not hurt anyone else...
  16. ...A lot of accidents are caused by overconsumption of alcohol. I don't drink because I'm muslim but I respect my neighbours' rights and cultural choice to do so & I trust that they drink responsibly. It's a happy occasion for us and I hope it will be the start of a fruitful week for all of you. Let's keep this whatsapp group positive'
  17. I got some support from a diverse lot of other neighbours which was nice.
  18. Muslims in SA are not unlike muslims in other democracies. We appreciate the countries we live in because Sharia law is not warped and foisted upon us by faulty governments. Instead, we can pick and choose good ethics to practice from what was actually pretty progressive legislation for its time - 610AD. Check out @CraigCons on Twitter for more egs
  19. I really appreciate respectful inter-faith dialogue. Check out Imam Omar Suleiman, a speaker I've seen live, explain why Sharia law is not to be feared:
  20. We have as much right to be protected by the law as anyone else. I'm not super religious but I'm culturally muslim and I'm tired of a core part of my identity being uttered like it's a bad word. A muslim could very well be the president of a democracy. London's mayor is muslim. There's nothing wrong with Hussein being your middle name.
  21. And you're not a deficient intellectual or feminist if, like the newly appointed Editor of one of SA's biggest newspapers, Khadija Patel, you wear hijab on your head.
  22. So please, wherever you are, Hungary or Houston, don't vote for bigots.
  23. And try not to be a bigot. That starts with seeing things from a different perspective.