Cool Things I Forgot I Owned

Busy with my annual spring clean and there are some things I just don't know whether to Kondo or Keep.
  1. Jenny Packham sarong
    Came with my ghd when I bought it 10 years ago. The black & bright colour aesthetic is one of my favourites. Sitting here wondering if I'm even a sarong kind of girl though.
  2. Green sling bag
    Bought on holiday in Malaysia. SO pretty, at least according to me. Probably would cost a fortune in a pretentious shop outside of Asia. Hardly ever use it.
  3. Citronella Balm
    Bought on holiday in Thailand. Smells soo good and lemon grassy. Calming colour too. It's been 5 years but it smells the same so I don't know whether to keep it just for sniffing purposes. The copy suggests that's what it's largely for anyways.
  4. Retro TV tablet bag
    This bag did not deserve its dusty fate. I'm thinking Keep. Black and bright colour aesthetic, check. And it's pretty meta.
  5. Unfinished name keyring
    I know I should chuck this but it represents an idea to me. In public places here it's not unusual to find enterprising people making customised things to sell. The chap who made this approached me towards the end of a bowling session. I told him if we weren't about to leave I'd take him up on his offer. He asked me how to spell my name and ran up to me on my way out the door with a :) I didn't have time for him to add the keyring bit but who needs it anyway. #dowhatyougotstado #smile