So this happened yesterday...
  1. At least 85 civilians were killed in Syria after a US airstrike 'mistake'. More than a dozen were children.
  2. Isis leaders are monsters. But let's not kid ourselves about who helps plant the seeds of hate they water. Clear-cut heroes & villains are for Marvel movies.
  3. I made this list because I didn't see anything on here about it. The silence was pretty deafening.
  4. I get it. There are so many incidents like this, there's only so much we can emote before we become drained.
  5. But imagine living in an area experiencing the consequences of the military industrial complex and/or the not-so-benevolent foreign policy of rich & powerful countries that want to stay that way. How fucking tiring must that be? Civilians don't choose to be a part of wars started by greedy douchebags.
  6. Those 85 people a lot of us didn't hear about [?] or chose to ignore for a bunch of depressing reasons including the idea that they had the potential to become radicalised....Their lives mattered. If you already know that Steve Jobs was the son of a Syrian immigrant, I'm telling you again.
  7. So this list is an umbrella for the Pray For hashtags that don't exist. For the innocent people who are persecuted domestically & abroad who are deemed unimportant.
  8. Violence & hunger are not things humans can ever get used to even though we seem existentially intertwined with the former.
  9. I wish things were different.
  10. But while I'm wishing, I will try my damned best to be & seek the good in this world. And to remember.