Magnets on Fridge

With so much crazy happening, I felt like listing something light. I hereby present some of my lil magnetos...
  1. From that one time I went to Roland Garros in 2012 & got to cheer my hermano Rafa from the Adidas box (my dad retails so we got a good deal on semi & final tickets).
    They had bottomless smoothies & coffees & the coffees made my father super keen for the Mexican waves. It was hilarious! I thought I might spot an Adidas sponsored celeb nearby but alas. My father did however get to take a pic with Ilie Nastase who he used to watch when he was a kid. I was super grateful that the box protected us from the rain. The Adidas people gave us a gourmet French lunch & the hospitality girls looked like part Veelas from Beauxbatons. #allezNadal #iheartParis
  2. I'm team Adidas because of the above. This green also happens to be very much my family's colour.
  3. This used to be a pen I could count on when someone called & the kitchen phone rang. I don't know how it broke but it's purely decoration now.
  4. Pretty much speaks for itself
  5. From some charity event or the other
  6. South Africa's flag is the bestest. Show me a better flag I dare ya!
  7. Here's a not so lekker (good/sweet) depiction of Moses Mabhida stadium which was built for the 2010 World Cup - google it. Show me a better stadium I dare ya :)