Some non-technical thoughts after a first watch....Also, soz if you see a spoiler but we're talking about something released over 6 months ago.
  1. Firstly, Cape Towwwwwn!!!!!
    The fictional town of San Junipero is, in fact, not in California. Heaven is in Africa y'all.
  2. Static
  3. Giphy downsized medium
  4. Secondly, hellll no
    This might have seemed like the only Black Mirror episode with a happy ending but it still felt pretty dystopian to me.
  5. When I suspend my disbelief (aka have faith) and try to conceive of heaven, it's mostly a place where it's socially okay to nap & snack all the time & see instagram -worthy things for free without instagram actually existing...
  6. Anywho, I find heaven and hell to be quite difficult concepts to grasp. The first seems ultimately boring, tiring & weirdly counter-intuitive in general and the second is just plain unfair, amirite?
  7. If San Junipero is a place for any whim a person might have, it's limited to what people can come up with. Yawn.
    And what do people even talk about in heaven? I mean seriously. Half of us on this app are introverts or ambiverts. Can you imagine...
  8. What does the Quagmire symbolize if not dissatisfaction with heaven?
    Discuss. Or not.
  9. Symbolism aside, I've seen more convincing gay couples on screen before. I just wasn't sold on Kelly & Yorkie's love being powerful enough for them to literally live happily ever after.
  10. This was an interesting, atmospheric & aesthetically beautiful (yay Cape Town!) episode of television. But it just didn't affect me in the magical way I'd hoped it would.
  11. PS Am I the only person who wants death to be peaceful sleep? I realize the prospect of not seeing people we love ever again is scary but how bout we leave being 3000+ years old to the elves in LOTR.... :/
    For real though, I'd sip from the fountain of youth if I could stay young in body and mind for a finite amount of time but defintely not to be soul-stretchingly immortal.
  12. Sorry if this list is bumming anyone out but y'all can blame Black Mirror for the philosophical fodder & subsequent existential crises :)
  13. I'm also interested in various people's/cultures thoughts about the afterlife if anyone needs Listpiration+.