This is howie do it
  1. My first cousin got married yesterday after about a week of events for close family. And it ain't over yet! She married someone from another city so next week is Chapter 2.
    Travelling as a family is always fun and we'll be going to the guy's home town for the function that they'll be hosting.
  2. So we started on Tuesday and both sides of the bride's family got reacquainted with each other. We packed wedding favours and wrapped presents for the in laws. Indian culture also exchanges kunchas. Kunchas are gifts for the bride and groom from each other's families but they're wrapped to be seen and appreciated by everyone.
    The in laws are invited for a meal and the ladies each traipse in with one kuncha. These contain things like money, jewellery, makeup, clothing, watches, perfumes, edibles etc. This happens during the engagement earlier in the year and during the wedding. Here's an example of a simple kuncha for a guy. So there'll be a line of these and they're sometimes done up very fancy.
  3. Some jewellery my cousin received - look how pretty the presentation is
  4. On Wednesday, the ladies had henna tattoos applied to their hands in the afternoon and in the evening we had a braai (the South African word for barbecue).
    We wore white tshirts for post-braai fun with the groom and his friends. They were dressed to the nines. We basically tortured them by chasing them around, egging them, throwing coloured powder on them and dousing them in water and they tried to get a few shots in themselves. We did warn them beforehand so they had no business coming in nice clothes muhaha - i still felt a bit guilty though :/ One guy really tried to leg it and split his pants open and had to hold a cup in front of his crotch.
  5. Static
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  7. On Thursday we had the Mehndi and the in laws did the abovementioned traipsing in. It's summer here so we had a yellow and green theme. The food was yum, there was a jumping castle for the kiddos, we dressed kinda fancy but not wedding level fancy. It's become a local tradition to wear eastern clothes at the mehndi & western dresses at the wedding.
    Spot the Indian sweet meats on this table in the basement, then google them if you're confused :) On Thursday night, the men of the family asked my cousin if she formally gives her consent to be married to her man. If she doesn't agree, there shouldn't be a marriage - that's the rule of the religion. She looves her dude so of course she said yes. My father and her mother's brother were witnesses and they along with her father would be her representatives at the mosque the next day.
  8. Paan
    A post-meal edible leaf filled with fennel seeds, coconut and syrup. An acquired taste but i love it.
  9. Static
  10. Badly drawn scarves for the 2 who don't post pics without them.
  11. Friday is our holy day of the week so my cousin chose it for her wedding. The men go to the mosque for their prayer and if someone wants to get married they add their nikkah/wedding prayer to the mosque's schedule earlier in the week .
    While the men are at the mosque, the ladies gather with the bride and we listen with anticipation to what's going on at the mosque through a radio receiver. As soon as the groom and imam utter a certain prayer, the couple are married islamically. We all break out in smiles & line up to congratulate her and give her hugs. There are some tears. We pray. Then the men come home from the mosque & we ask the groom for money to enter. It's mostly a joke haha. The couple embrace and it's soo cute.
  12. They're not letting him in 😃
  13. When she was waiting for him to be allowed in :-)
  14. Then we eat biryani or some other Indian Friday rice dish and we all rush off for our various hair and makeup appointments while some family members go off to the hall to check that the decor and caterers are on the ball.
    This is the main event. The wedding reception. The groom & his young entourage walk in and wait at the end of the aisle. When the bride shows up there's lotsa hooting (as in car horn honking) to announce her arrival. She walks down - the groom's family hand him a ring to put on her finger. The couple sit down on a stage. Notice(below) that the men & women are sitting separately - it's a conservative muslim thing. There's usually mixing at the end when close fam gets on the stage for photographs.
  15. Feeling my makeup :p
    Button down shirt so hair doesn't get messed up.
  16. Mirror selfie before rushing out the door!
  17. Static
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  19. SMore selfies :)
  20. Love this cousin of mine. So so happy for her :)
  21. After the reception the bride and groom's close family go to the bride's house.
    Sometimes this is when the 'you can't enter until you give us money because our daughter is worth it' joke takes place. There are more tears because the groom's family are officially 'fetching' her/taking her away into their family. It's purely symbolic because the groom's family go home while the couple go to a hotel for their wedding night.
  22. Basically, an indian wedding will lowkey bankrupt you 😂 But it's usually worth it - lots of fun and the extended family gets to spend a solid chunk of time together and that's priceless.