1. I've always been ~artistic~
    BUT, I have also always had a very short attention span. (Thanks ADHD)
  2. So here are some of the art forms I have dabbled with and left in the dust
  3. Drawing
    Took a class a year ago. Haven't drawn much since, even though I really enjoyed it
  4. Pun Pictures
    Last year I made a bunch of pun drawings with some cool pens I got at a craft store. Someone ended up actually buying one?? That was a weird feeling.
  5. Metal Work
    I took a dope class in high school and learned how to solder and weld. This was my final project. Always wish I had stuck with it
  6. Fractals/Triangles
    Used to decorate all my notebooks with these. Did some with colors too. Not anymore ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. Jewelry
    I made rings and sold them for a while. Eventually I got bored
  8. Coloring
    I got a few adult coloring books last semester and it was my main source of stress relief.
  9. Makeup Wipes
    Isn't this terrifying? That was all on my FACE. I only did a few of these. 2 scary
  10. Orange Peeling
    What can I say, I am an artíst 😏
  11. Bye 🎨