(sorry in advance)
  1. AmTEAsia
    when you make tea and forget about it
  2. See ya ladle
  3. Ambeyoncé
    Ambiance + Beyoncé duh
  4. "There will be hell toupee"
    If Donald Trump becomes president...
  5. Scrolliosis
    When your thumb hurts from scrolling too much
  6. "Need stitches? Suture self"
    This was my favorite one to draw
    I had dropped my lip balm, obviously
  8. Netfleeks
  9. "I was taken for granite"
    I want this on my tombstone
  10. A chai tea latte sounds good. I'll have to CHAI it sometime
  11. "The name's Phylaxis. Ana Phylaxis"
    Either you get it or you don't 😎
  12. "Wake me up, before you Gogurt" 🎶
  13. Intermissionary
    What I think The Book of Mormon should call their intermission...😏
  14. "Burrito, light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin, my soul. Burr-i-to."
    If you haven't read Lolita, don't bother with this one
  15. Tattooine
    Star Wars tattoo shop
  16. "Ommmmmmmmg"
    A surprised yoga teacher
  17. Bordeaux Collies
    What wine snobs call their dogs
  18. Crystal Meh
  19. Yogaslavia
    Yoga studio idea
  20. CaCOUGHony
    (A cacophony of coughing)
  21. Gelty as charged
  22. 🏃🏃🏃🏃bye