1. So I graduated from college on Saturday
    ~not~ paying for this photo lol
  2. And now I'm kind of just chillin?
  3. My roommate and best friend decided to peace out for five days right after graduation
    She lives an hour and a half away
  4. And she just left me here with no car, all by myself
    Also I haven't heard from her since she left, so that's tight.
  5. Let me just tell you, I have NEVER been this bored in my life.
  6. I've watched countless movies, tv shows, etc
  7. But nothing is filling the gaping void of loneliness from literally being all alone for so long
  8. I deserve to be treated better; to be around people who actually give a shit about me
    And that place is not here.
  9. Redlands has never felt like a home to me anyway. Not like Seattle.
    I mean yeah, sometimes the night air smells of orange blossoms. But aside from that? Nothing keeps me here. This is just where my school was.
  10. SO time to sell all the stuff I don't want and ship the rest home.
  11. Because
  12. ✌️💫