I've been living with my best friend (and her boyfriend) all year, so here's what I've figured out
  1. You will spend an enormous amount of time alone
    And that's ok
  2. Sometimes that alone time will only be to avoid their relationship
    Because their relationship will be all around you
  3. If he can cook, you will all eat very well
    If not, back to trader joes it is. The same goes for cleaning 😏
  4. He could be the nicest guy in the world, but you will still resent him sometimes simply for being there
  5. You might also resent your best friend a lil bit?
    This one comes and goes
  6. Your rent will be cheaper
    Really the only silver lining here
  7. But, looks like he ran out of money so he won't be living with us anymore
    So much for that silver lining
  8. Deuces Tyler ✌️
    Have fun living with your grandma lol