1. Ay Ay Ay, It's Christmas -Ricky Martin
    That's you, when this song is playing.
  2. The Little Drummer Boy -Christopher Lee
    In case you weren't aware, Saruman had a heavy metal side. RIP :(
  3. Last Christmas -Jimmy Eat World
    A low-key banger
  4. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays -*NSYNC
    Just look at how happy they are.
  5. Step Into Christmas -Elton John
  6. Mistletoe -Justin Bieber
    Is it too late now to say sorry (not sorry)?
  7. Christmas With the Devil -Spinal Tap
  8. Frosty the Snowman -Fiona Apple
  9. Thank God It's Christmas -Queen
  10. Ho Ho Ho - Dirty Christmas -Ying Yang Twins
  11. Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town -Bruce Springsteen
  12. Chanukah Song (parts I-III) -Adam Sandler
    Like you don't know the words.