1. Maya Papaya
    A classic. Most relatives and family friends call me this. I am...not a fan
  2. Maya Leah
    This is what my mom calls me. Leah is my middle name. You probably could have guessed that
  3. Mayushka
    My Russian preschool teacher gave me this bad boy. Her name was Sophia. She had humongous blue eyes
  4. MIA
    Thank you @elizabeef 😘 after one of her favorite badasses, M.I.A.
  5. Bia
    Pronounced like "Bye-uh." The person taking my order at Pick Up Stix thought that was my NAME. The friend I was with decided called me Bia for two years.
  6. Federmonster
    Personal favorite. My high school Spanish teacher came up with this one. One day he just randomly started calling me Federmonster (my last name is Federman). He was pleasantly strange. But man, what a great social media handle 😏😎
  7. Maya Leah Diarrhea
    🙈 ok this one is super embarrassing. The name itself is less embarrassing than the fact that I gave this nickname to MYSELF (when I was four). Curse this stupid irresistible rhyme...if you call me this, I will crawl into a cave and die.
  8. Image
    What a fucking idiot