I'm back 'n better than ever 💫✨
  1. Meet four year old Maya
  2. You probably can't tell by simply looking, but I was a true evil genius
  3. My grandmother was staying with us after my younger sister was born
    For two long weeks
  4. We didn't exactly get along...
    In fact we butted heads at almost every turn.
  5. One day, she was doing laundry.
    I looked on from afar, plotting and masterminding. I'd had enough of her bossy bullshit
  6. Ever so nonchalantly, I pulled up my purple little tykes chair, swung the laundry room door closed, and LOCKED IT
    The door had a latch lock, not easy for a small child to work with.
  7. I locked my grandmother in the laundry room when I was four
  8. We get along great now, and to be honest I'm probably her fav grandchild
  9. But—I'd relive this beautiful moment anytime, anyplace.
    I mean it's basically my villain origin story
  10. 😈✌️