1. "Is that cheese?"
  2. *Grab a sample and keep walking without even making eye contact*
  3. "Where can I buy this??"
  4. *Come back for round two thinking I won't remember them*
  5. "Is it really gluten free?"
  6. "Oh my god"
  7. "This is delicious cheese. It's sweet!"
    -a child
  8. "Where can I buy this??"
  9. *Stare longingly @ samples but ultimately keep pushing cart full of quinoa*
  10. "Why are you doing this to me"
  11. *Maintain eye contact while chewing sample*
  12. *audible gasp*
  13. "I don't like cheesecake but that's amazing"
  14. *Nod head enthusiastically while chewing sample*
  15. "You're making me wish I wasn't on a cleanse"
  16. *eyes go black*
  17. "Where can I buy this??"
  18. ✨You can now find Rusty's Famous Cheesecake in all Washington and Oregon Whole Foods stores✨
  19. Static
    ~dead inside~