1. A hairband
    I'm most proud of this one. There was a moth where the ceiling meets the wall and I flung hairband after hairband hoping to end it all. Eventually it worked
  2. The lid of a bath & body works candle
    There was a small cockroach under the ledge of my fireplace and nothing else would fit. It was the perfect size and I just happened to have one laying around...(ok it was a holiday candle what can I say I love me some candles)
  3. Gore Vidal's "Myra Breckenridge"
    This book was really floppy so it was perfect. Got many fruit flies with this bad boy
  4. Roommate's boyfriend's shoe
    (Sorry Tyler)
  5. My dog
    No, I didn't use her body to kill any bugs. She ate a fly once. Saved me a lot of trouble
  6. 😎