Fav Scenes Of SKAM

  1. S2: When Noora was singing with a guitar & the way William looks at her
  2. S2: When Noora thought Willam left but he came back
  3. S3: When even drew a heart on the window
  4. S3: The swimming pool scenes
  5. S3
  6. S3
  7. S3: When Even randomly telling Isak that 👇🏼
  8. S3: The nose tickling thingy
  9. S3: When Isak introduce even to his friends and Magnus took a moment to realized even is "That even"
  10. S3: When Isak told his mom that he's gay
  11. S3: When Isak friends were helping him to text back Even
  12. S3:When Isak realized Even came to his house to look for him & he quickly chased out his friends. This scene was so funny
  13. - didn't add S1 cause I couldn't rmb much. *Whoops* -
  14. - Basically S3 is just perfect. Hehe -