📸 Screenshots on My Camera Roll, Explained

Random shit is random....
  1. Message on a chalkboard in a boba shop
    I honestly believe this. I try to assess everyone I meet by this measure, even clients.
  2. BDSM Test Results
    I was a part of this world when I was a bit younger (apprenticed with a Domme). Wanted to see if my kinks held up. Apparently things change over time...
  3. N-word flowchart
    I kind of want to pass this out to people... on the internet AND in public
  4. Various Fyre Fest photos from Twitter
    Something about entitled trust fund kids and Instamodels getting hoodwinked was MOST hilarious to me. 2017: Year of the Savage
  5. "Dating After 30"
    ... at least I have the common sense to get paid BEFORE I get fucked over
  6. My go-to response meme when my roommate gets saucy on my Facebook comments
    (R.I.P., Charlie Murphy...) 😪
  7. Reminder from Morty
    I loved this speech. So much so, I printed it out and framed it on my desk
  8. ...no idea...
    ...but it looks pretty cool!
  9. From Adriana Lima's Instagram story
    I want these flower pillars at my wedding. Or funeral. Whichever comes first.
  10. Text from a friend:
    ...and he really... fucking... does... Hov, is that you?
  11. Me and Dark Me
    My best friends are the worst, which makes them the best
  12. From a friend's Snapchat
    Sometimes you need a reminder
  13. Cute couple tattoo...
    ... if I ever sink that low
  14. Hilarious.
    I have a crush on this guy, and I nearly peed my pants reading this
  15. ...and then, of course, tits and dicks
    I mean... that's a given.