Unless you're at the bank or crossing the street or something. Then wait until you get home.
  1. Feel like you’re carrying the weight of the world? Nope. You're not Atlas. Set that story, your body + the planet down and enjoy this reality: You are being carried. This is an opportunity to have a kinesthetic experience of this truth.
    Maybe while you're there say thanks.
  2. In order for electricity to work for us, it needs to be grounded. Your spine/central nervous system, is carrying electric impulses between your brain and every single part of your body. When you put your spine on the ground you ground that electricity. Anything that feels erratic or zappy can be corralled and transformed into calm, usable energy.
  3. Have your ever gardened, watered a plant, or poured a shot of whiskey on a grave and watched how it just disappears into the soil? Imagine that the earth will accept and absorb your pains and create new life from them.
  4. You might be surprised how little of your environment you usually even see. It’s why you bump into moved furniture before you remember it’s there. So when change your visual perspective, you force your brain to wake up and actually see again. This strengthens the part of your brain that is able to “see things from a new perspective".
    Hello fresh ideas and solutions to impossible problems!
  5. Laying down on the floor feels really good on your back.
  6. You might find some money under the sofa.