Here's a hodgepodge of memories that won't make you unhappy @darshnim
  1. Vegas
    That time I borrowed $200 from you, and we played blackjack for all of 5minutes before I lost everything. Also Marquee pool parties. Also XS. Also O.
  2. Taco Bell
    Preferably before 2am. Imagine all the hot sauce they have. Not a lot of it. All of it
  3. Your 3/4 sleeve purple going out shirt
    Also, I follow that up with your green day t-shirt
  4. That frivolous game of spoons we played in the Virgin Islands
    So intense it'll forever be burned into my brain
  5. Car pep talks
    Because I'm a failure and you're an angel who has come to pick me up and drive me to Pittsburgh many an occasion. Though it resulted in lots of time to talk about life and judge people
  6. Shorter guys.
  7. For the 27th time, yes the mac and cheese you made for camp tastes amazing
    The only reason I'm not having a 4th bowl is because my stomach could not hold more food even with an Extension Charm
  8. The Eggs Benedict at Theo's in Boston
    Combo with the fluffiest pancakes ever from Thorton's
  9. When we decided to start exercising together, ran 4 laps around the coliseum, and never went again
  10. The time you defeated yourself in a water balloon fight
  11. When Domino's made us a Feta pizza with BBQ sauce