Usually circa 2am
  1. Practice various accents on snapchat
    These never actually get sent out, but I like being able to rewatch my terrible attempts without having to go through the shame of facing them again in my "Recently Deleted" folder
  2. Become knowledgable about scantily discussed subjects
    If anyone knows an occasion where the 27 major differences between Piranha and Barracuda will be useful, please CC me into the conversation.
  3. Watch videos of people being really ridiculously good at things and mentally cropping myself into the situation
    Google parachute skiing and all will be explained
  4. Start a hobby
    If all hobbies were paralleled to soccer, I know just enough about every single one to be like "there are teams involved"
  5. Stare at myself in the mirror
    Have I always looked like this?
  6. Make lists
    Current time - 5:02AM EST. I've also had to update this timestamp a minimum of 4 times