1. Beyonce's workout routine
  2. How to apply sunscreen to your own back
  3. Celebrities with herpes
    Just so there's scientific evidence they're not perfect
  4. What is a two-prop plane?
    A term I've been using for years to describe any small plane, because it makes it sound like I know what I'm talking about
  5. How to fix a divided nation
    As if the president didn't think to throw that at a search engine first
  6. Is the black person with blonde hair emoji intentional?
    Still unresolved and brainstorming applicable situations
  7. Is week old Indian food safe to eat?
    The only thing this answer affected was whether I nuked it for 1 minute or 7
  8. 401k vs Roth vs mattress
  9. Is there an actual strategy to battleship?