17 Broadway Social Influencers to Follow in 2017

The must-follow social media accounts for every Broadway fan. Originally posted on Playbill.com on December 21, 2016.
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    Annoying Actor Friend - @actor_friend (Twitter)
    Follow if you: Could use a dose of sarcasm | Annoying Actor Friend has been serving witty observations and sassy comebacks to the Broadway community since July 2012. The parody account tweeted anonymously until December 9, 2015, when the creator revealed his identity as Andrew Briedis. While the account is known for its sarcasm and jokes, it's also behind the social media campaigns #Dim4Joan, #Dim4Kyle, #PutSimardOn as well as the Lab versus Workshop discussion.
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    April Reign - @ReignofApril (Twitter)
    Follow if you: Are ready for a more diverse, inclusive Broadway | April Reign, the creator of #OscarsSoWhite, is also the Managing Editor of Broadway Black. With a very noticeable lack of diverse voices in the Broadway scene, both Reign's Twitter and @BroadwayBlack have become necessary staples in Twitter feeds for Broadway fans who are ready to push the conversation forward.
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    BROadway - /MrMattRodin (Facebook)
    Follow if you: Love frat bros | If you've ever wanted to know what Broadway-lovin' frat bros would be like—or if you wanted to hear your own inner thoughts on the nitty-gritty details of Broadway performances—the BROadway series delivers. Matt Rodin and Reed Campbell have covered the 2016 Tony Awards and nominations, The Color Purple, and Hairspray Live!, all as snapback-wearin’, fist-bumpin’ bros.
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    BroadwayGirlNYC - @broadwaygirlnyc (Twitter)
    Follow if you: Love infectious enthusiasm | @BroadwayGirlNYC, like Annoying Actor Friend, began anonymously. The Twitter account started in March 2009 as a way to document her love for New York Theatre, and quickly became an access point for those craving to get a glimpse into the scene. In February 2015, she revealed her identity at TedxBroadway as Laura Heywood, which has led to even more exciting coverage and content from Broadway’s OG internet fan girl.
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    Dave Quinn - @NineDaves (Twitter)
    Follow if you: Love when Broadway and pop culture mix | Dave Quinn’s Twitter brings a fresh take on theatre, especially when Broadway intersects with the larger entertainment world. You’ll catch him putting a Broadway twist on Twitter’s trending hashtags and live-tweeting national broadcasts, most recently #CriticsChoice and #HairsprayLive.
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    The Ensemblist -@TheEnsemblist (Twitter/iTunes)
    Follow if you: Appreciate the unsung heroes of Broadway | The Ensemblist podcast focuses on the unsung heroes of Broadway—the ensemble members. Each episode, co-creators and hosts Mo Brady and Nikka Graff Lanzarone gives listeners a look at Broadway shows from the inside out. They discuss and ask questions about how shows come together, what it means to be a successful artist on Broadway, and how everyone contains multitudes.
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    Fit For Broadway - @fitforbroadway (Instagram)
    Follow if you: Want to know the fitness regimens of Broadway performers | Jane Jourdan’s Fit For Broadway blog features interviews with performers about their wellness practices and how they maintain their physical, vocal, and mental health during their eight-show weeks. Fit For Broadway’s Instagram is full of behind-the-scenes content from the interviews, as well as Jourdan’s recommendations on healthy eating and fitness tips.
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    Humans of Broadway - @humansofbroadway (Instagram)
    Follow if you: Are fascinated by the backstories of Broadway | Humans of Broadway launched in 2015 after taking a cue from Humans of New York and putting a Broadway spin on it. Followers of the Instagram meet their favorite Broadway performers through stunning portraits and intimate quotes. This year, Humans of Broadway has expanded coverage to give a look at the folks who make Broadway happen behind-the-scenes—like stage managers, costume designers, and TodayTix concierges.
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    Jennifer Ashley Tepper - @jenashtep (Twitter)
    Follow if you: Know the year the Belasco apartment was built | Jennifer Ashley Tepper’s Twitter fills our feeds with fascinating facts about Broadway’s past with passion and delight. As Feinstein’s/54 Below’s Programming Director and the author of The Untold Stories of Broadway, Tepper’s tweets radiate with the genuine excitement that comes with all of the adventures of a day in the life with her job.
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    Jordan Roth - /jordan.roth14 (Facebook)
    Jordan Roth, President of Jujamcyn, began #MakingMondays in October 2015 as an interactive creative adventure. Artists of all varieties—actors, dancers, choreographers, playwrights, musicians, chefs, painters, and more—gather together to create as a community. You can take part in it—providing prompts for songwriters, song suggestions for choreographers, and more—through Facebook Live and Periscope.
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    Julie James - @julie_james (Twitter)
    Follow if you: Are into the Broadway Buzz | Between Julie James’ Snapchat and Twitter, followers are sure to get a glimpse into the glitz and glamour of Broadway 24/7. As the Program Director of SiriusXM’s “On Broadway” and “Metropolitan Opera Radio,” James snaps with her radio show guests and constantly attends events in New York City, taking her followers along for the ride.
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    Louis Peitzman - @louispeitzman (Twitter)
    Follow if you: Need an online Broadway spirit guide | Louis Peitzman’s Twitter feels relatable and familiar, kind of like if your best friend from your high school drama club but tweeted to nearly 40,000 followers. His articles for Buzzfeed contextualize and the relevance of current Broadway and Off-Broadway trends, and his Twitter often opens up conversations that lead to lively debates and some serious hot takes on theatre.
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    Seth Rudetsky - /zonkzink (YouTube)
    Follow if you: Yell “Ah-mahzing!” after listening to Kay Cole’s vibrato in “At the Ballet” | If you live in NYC, you can catch Seth Rudetsky at events like BCEFA’s Gypsy of the Year. If you live outside of the city, you can listen to him on SiriusXM and watch him on YouTube. His YouTube channel has garnered over 4.1 Million views, with his entertaining “Deconstruction” videos breaking down why certain technical elements of a song are so deliciously satisfying to our ears.
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    Shakina Nayfack - @shakeenz (Twitter)
    Follow if you: Live at the corner of art and activism | As emotionally exhausting as it can be for a person in a marginalized group to continually educate others, transgender actor Shakina Nayfack is constantly educating her Twitter followers on transgender issues and beyond. She not only shares observations and commentary on current events, she chronicled moments from her Manifest Pussy tour that took place June 2016 in protest of HB2.
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    Shoshana Feinstein - @shoshanarf (Twitter)
    Follow if you: Wish your address was 254 W 54th St. | Go behind the scenes of Feinstein’s/54 Below shows through Original Programming Producer, Shoshana Feinstein’s Twitter. By sharing sneak peeks and notable performance moments in real-time, Feinstein takes her followers into the famed cabaret spot, even from the comfort of their couch.
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    16. Theater People Podcast — Patrick Hinds (and BroadwayCon Podcast) (and Broadway Backstory)
    Follow if you: Enjoy hearing the voices of Broadway’s biggest stars in your headphones | Patrick Hinds’ first podcast creation, the Theater People Podcast, began in January 2014. Since then, his work has evolved to include creating and hosting BroadwayCon: The Podcast and Broadway Backstory with TodayTix. All three podcasts allow you to experience your favorite Broadway stars sharing behind-the-scenes stories and Hinds’ endearing exclamations and reactions.
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    Tyler Mount - /tylergmount (YouTube)
    Follow if you: Cherish seeing Broadway stars cuddling, giggling, and having a good time | Tyler Mount invites viewers into his apartment to get up close and personal with Broadway’s favorite performers. Between energetically interviewing and playing outrageous games with his guests, Mount brings an energy equivalent to six espressos (at least).