lady list #2: all the actresses i've spiralled over

in high school my classmate asked me if i was bisexual/a lesbian bc apparently all i ever stan are women. "of course not," i said. lmao
  1. 2008. christine gambito.
    i made a twitter because of her and i cried when i thought years into the future when she'd stop making youtube videos like what will i do.
  2. 2008. julie andrews.
    my ultimate. the most impt of my heart. invented singing dancing and being an incredible human
  3. 2009. sharon cuneta.
    i've always loved her ever since i was little and her sunday talk show was a staple in my tv viewing habits but it wasn't til i watched three of her films consecutively in one day that i truly spiralled over her. i love her so much, what a good lady. deserves zero of the hate she gets from ppl. stop calling her a whale its literally 2017.
  4. 2009. lauren lane.
    i wanted her to be my mom but i also v much wanted to bang her so she's def the first lady i had these weird contradictory feelings for
  5. 2010. helen mccrory.
    did u kno when hbp came out i thought i was Too Good™ for harry potter and refused to watch it in cinemas. ive highkey been regretting that ever since bc in 2010 i watched deathly hallows p1 in theatres and i fell IN LOVE with narcissa malfoy (who had the best scenes in hp 6). but anyway she is So Hot and her accent and cheekbones are everything. up to now she's still like, the most bangable of all my faves.
  6. 2011. alex kingston.
    i'm not a big scifi fan (or a scifi fan at all) but for some reason* i watched doctor who and loved it, and fell in love with the curly haired brunette who plays river song and river song herself. the photo** of her in that tight black tube dress is my second sexual awakening, im p sure. (the first was lauren lane in the nanny.)
  7. *- i realise now the reason is helen mccrory was in doctor who too and i watched her sexy fish vampire episode
    that also prob started my love for may/lady december romances lol
  8. **- the photo in question
    i was obsessed w this photo i cant believe i used to think i was straight
  9. 2011. natasha richardson.
    i caught a showing of the parent trap on disney and all my unearthed feelings for elizabeth james came to the forefront and thus a spiral was born. bestest face in all the land. i miss her everyday.
  10. 2012. felicity huffman.
    i had been watching desperate housewives on tv sporadically bc star world was showing like, season 3 or something and of course i gravitated towards the green eyed blonde. i legitimately cannot remember the exact moment i fell into this spiral but i went and downloaded the rest of dh and i cared The Most about lynette. flicka is one of my favest faves, one of the most unproblematic and least difficult to love. her nose crinkle is god's gift to humanity
  11. 2012. anna gare.
    i saw an episode of jr masterchef australia on tv and i was like look at the lady chef her face is so pretty and her dimples are so deep i better go download and watch all of the other episodes bc i have no self control! her face still gives me FEELINGS until this day.
  12. 2014. wendie malick.
    WENDIE THE WEIRDO. tall, snortgiggler, has magnificent orange pants.
  13. 2014. irma adlawan.
    lol if u knew me you would know how truly extra i am about this woman. the very Most.
  14. 2015. kelli o'hara.
    my lil bunny rabbit. invented being a soprano. shoulda won the tony in 2014. julie andrews' heir in musical theatre.
  15. 2015. lauren graham.
    here's the dealio: i've loved lauren graham since i watched parenthood in 2012 but it wasn't until i continued watching gilmore girls that i fell head over heels in love with this literal human sunbeam. no other celeb is as consistently charming and entertaining as her in interviews. not only she is the most wonderful person but she is also highly underrated as an actress. her work on gilmore and parenthood is not to be believed. where are her awards and her own talk show.
  16. 2015. debra messing.
  17. 2015. vera farmiga.
    one of the greatest actresses of our time and yet she is so underrated i honestly want to cry. also a weirdo. collects spectacles, lives with goats, and dances ukrainian folk.
  18. 2016. kristin chenoweth.
    if flicka is my most unproblematic fav, this bitch is the opposite. but don't get me wrong i love her with my whole heart and soul she means so much to me words are not enough