@bwayconfesses confessions i agree with

  1. chris jackson???? anthony ramos???? okieriete onaodowan??? literally if yall wanted to nominate a White Man that season yall shoulda gone w gavin creel
  2. also julia murney
  3. why is fun home not on broadway anymore its literally so baffling to me???
  4. i submitted this lmao
  5. jessie mueller, a known tony thief,
  6. i also sent this is in
  7. also stephanie j. block?? carolee carmello?? JULIA MURNEY?? bitch tf
  8. the sweetest, purest show broadway's ever seen
  9. never a day when i don't get emotional about "let me out so this dream's unfurled, i'll eat some breakfast then change the world"
  10. yall didnt even let them perform at the tonys but sure let's give finding neverland the stage
  12. thank you
  13. yep
  14. truth
  15. i wonder if the anon submitting all these confessions about SJB and her tony is the same one
  16. i love kristen chenowith
  17. ya
  18. cast 👏🏼 asians 👏🏼 in 👏🏼 hamilton 👏🏼
  19. same