favourite books

ongoing list
  1. A collection of essays by my favourite prof. I've read 100% of this before publication because the essays have been published in the past in various places—her old books, her old column, etc. I, of course, had already sought out her stuff way back in 2013. What a NERD.
  2. I love this book. I love reading about pre-war Manila from the people who lived through it.
  3. This was an unexpected fav. This was required reading in my great books class and I was in love with e v e r y page. I think I was the only one in my class that actually loved it, lmao. In June of this year, I found an old tattered copy in Baguio, which made my heart happy.
  4. This was the book that sparked my love for Nick Joaquin. I was never able to get into his fiction for some reason, but this had me hooked instantly. If you want a quick read, I highly recommend Chapter 2.
  5. Lady guerillas! Wartime Philippines! Pretty cover! This served as my initial research and also inspiration for the lady huk/wife of an American GI love story I've had brewing in my head for 3+ years now.