from the prompts: the last five photos i took, explained

sorry for doing one of these i am very bored
  1. My dorm, feb 28. I accidentally opened my camera and thought the lighting was nice and how much i'm gonna miss this damn room.
  2. @kebab, feb 28. I was lying down on her lap and the sun was shining behind her really beautifully i got emo bc my girlfriend and nice light
  3. Lalique on floral, feb 25. My cat went missing for about three weeks and last week i came home to find out she had returned. The whole weekend she spent the entire day in my room sleeping, just like old times. Only this time, she'd lost a lot of weight and has a wound on her paw. But she's back. Baby came back. 🌸
  4. Lalique, feb 25. See above. The other side of lalique. Isn't she beautiful?
  5. Trip to quiapo, feb 24. This is @coolkid's, and i flipped through it in class while we were waiting for our prof, and thought it would be somehow useful to my thesis.