heartache and bliss c/o

listed chronologically. this is v het lmao bc most of my childhood ships involved me being in love w the woman and relating 10000% to the man (in terms of being in love w the woman). 💞 = otp
  1. niles and cc - the nanny 💞
    solidified my love for the "i've known you my entire life and have loved you for most of it" trope. the first couple i read smut for lol
  2. lucius and narcissa - harry potter
    i'll have none of that 'lucius was an abusive husband who didnt love narcissa' characterisations in fic, thanks v much. darkness finding light in each other, oy vey my heart is a-meltin'. pls talk to me about that wrist-holding scene in dh.
  3. river and eleven - doctor who
    YOU AND ME TIME AND SPACE YOU WATCH US RUN wow i'm still crying. can u believe. how much they love each other. im sufferign its been like 6 years.
  4. nick and liz - the parent trap
    Y'ALL that bit in the wine cellar when they almost kiss but martin & chessy arrive and liz steps back w tears in her eyes and looks so sadly at nick like oh my lord god. also this kiss will forever be my fav kiss of all time!!!! look at natasha's face!!!!
  5. tom and lynette - desperate housewives 💞
    bickering old marrieds!! another trope close to my heart. they have been through so much i cant believe im still crying they found their way back to each other
  6. casey and dana - sports night 💞
    they have known each other since they were 18 and they have loved each other since then lol don't speak to me. i'll ship this damned couple in hell.
  7. dan and dana - sports night
    WHAT! i know, i know. they're my fav what could have been ship and i like this pairing bc it's not marred by dating plans or girls named pixley. i like the idea of them finding happiness in each other, after being in each others presence for so long and not realising it. like, just one day, one of them waking up and maybe looking at the other one differently, with something resembling infatuation.
  8. sarah and seth - parenthood
    i'll also have none of your team mark v. team hank arguments it's obv team seth bye
  9. will and mac - the newsroom
    i have a weird love hate relationship with them bc they got to have what i wanted so badly for casey and dana but they're not casey and dana but they still give me feelings idk
  10. will and alicia - the good wife
    what could have beens!!! bad timing!!! loving her since georgetown!!! missed chances!!! I CANT!!!
  11. joy and victoria - hot in cleveland
    watch it jendie ur gay is showing (who frickin slides their hands down someones thighs like that good lord) ALSO they are literal ex wives they got MARRIED in CANADA
  12. luke and lorelai - gilmore girls
    happy bubbly sunshine girl meets brooding grumpy angry dude who is SO SOFT for her and will continue to enable her caffeine addiction and do everything for her im crying
  13. julia and michael - smash
    all too well by taylor swift was literally written for and about them
  14. norma and romero - bates motel
    this is like luke and lorelai except it's dark and tragic and sad
  15. glinda and elphie - wicked
    ok, but like, real specifically: glinda has to be played by kristin chenoweth and elphie has to be idina, but i'm also okay with eden espinosa, julia murney, stephanie j. block, and carmen cusack, but anywaY, after as long as you're mine elphaba tells fiyero she can't stop thinking about glinda b y e
  16. grace and frankie - grace and frankie
    LISTEN. i used to be So Chill abt these old ladies. like ya i wanted them to date even before but not FERVENTLY and definitely not as PASSIONATELY as i do now. @ netflix pls let them kiss