if i were a witch in hogwarts

this is a redo of one of my old lists on listography
  1. i would be in slytherin
    or ravenclaw. i'm always sorted in ravenclaw and i do agree that there's ravenclaw in me, but slytherin is the house of my heart and therefore my home, etc
  2. my patronus would be a cat
    she'd be solid white with green eyes
  3. i'd want my animagus to be a beetle, like rita skeeter's (for the exact same purpose) or a cat, like minerva mcgonagall's
  4. i would also have a pet cat named norma
  5. my favourite classes would be charms and muggle studies
    and i'd spend most of my free time at the library helping out madam pince 😏
  6. the magical objects i would make use of the most would be the pensieve and the invisibility cloak
  7. i would not be a quidditch player i suck at sports
    does hogwarts have a theatre program? bc i'd def be in drama club, dividing my time between that and the library
  8. my most used spell would be accio bc i'm a lazy ass
  9. my amortentia would smell of butter popcorn, coffee, and my irl muggle gf's blueberry vape
  10. the character i would like to end up with is narcissa black
    but amongst harry's gen, probably dean thomas