lady list #3: fictional faves

i'm in the process of revising this list (ie adding commentary so shh)
  1. alicia florrick, the good wife
    my love for her show petered out by the first half of season 6 but i miss early seasons alicia every day, and her face is a true work of art
  2. amy santiago, brooklyn 99
    💕 the fictional character i relate to the most. her lil obsessive, organisational quirks and her complete inability to chill? very same
  3. anne, go on
    a mean, soft-on-the-inside lesbian, and therefore an immediate fave of mine
  4. cc babcock, the nanny
  5. dana whitaker, sports night 💕
  6. ellie torres, cougar town 💕
  7. emily gilmore, gilmore girls
  8. glinda upland, wicked 💕
  9. imelda magsaysay, maging sino ka man 💕
  10. joy scroggs, hot in cleveland
  11. jules cobb, cougar town
  12. julia houston, smash
  13. kristina braverman, parenthood
  14. lorelai gilmore, gilmore girls
  15. lynette scavo, desperate housewives
  16. narcissa black malfoy, harry potter
  17. norma bates, bates motel
  18. olive snook, pushing daisies
  19. river song, doctor who
  20. sarah braverman, parenthood 💕
  21. trina weisenbachfeld, falsettos
  22. victoria chase, hot in cleveland