plus recs/my faves!
  1. kelli o'hara
    "to build a home" (a cappella), "almost real," "tuesdays, thursdays"
  2. kristin chenoweth
    "how did we come to this?", "bewitched, bothered, bewildered," "upon this rock"
  3. stephanie j. block
    "i'm breaking down," "get out and stay out," "woman"
  4. carolee carmello
    "all the wasted time," "the winner takes it all," "the music that makes me dance"
  5. donna murphy
    "could i leave you?", "stars and the moon"
  6. laura benanti
    "unusual way," "leap," "will he like me/dear friend/vanilla ice cream"
  7. julia murney
    "how did we come to this?", "no good deed," "perfect"
  8. carmen cusack
    "if you knew my story," "at long last," "move on"
  9. audra mcdonald
    every damn note that comes out of her mouth