photos on my camera roll of cats that aren't mine

  1. kittens at the CTC photocopying station
  2. barton from le cat coffee shop
  3. faura kitty
  4. intramuros kitty
  5. sec walk kitty
  6. a mama and her babbies! near yellow cab on katipunan
  7. harold from the dorm. he is the most beautiful street cat i've seen
  8. sassy kostkat. she scratched me once bc i wouldn't stop annoying her trying to put snapchat lenses on her lol
  9. the sweetest kitty in zen garden
  10. kitty from upfi, diliman
  11. i once thought this cat was dead bc it was not moving /at all/. likes to block ways, hangs out in leong a lot. wants to follow u home maybe.
  12. barton (again) from the cat cafe
  13. fort santiago kitty
  14. one of the cats that hang out in the old lib/archives area
  15. the cat my foster family (immersion) owns. v sweet and v small