Fictional Characters I Strongly Identify With

My first list 😄
  1. Mattie Ross
    Sarcastic, bitter, and angry. But also pretty cool
  2. Katniss Everdeen
    Also sarcastic and bitter and sick and tired of politics and guys.
  3. Princess Leia
    Done with men and a princess
  4. Jyn Erso
    My new fave queen
  5. Elizabeth Bennet
    Loves reading, savage burns, never knows when guys are interested in her, thinks all of her friends are too good for their bfs and hates arrogance.
  6. Eleanor Dashwood
    Hates feelings and avoids crying until it is physically painful.
  7. Jo March
    Loves reading and writing and hates gender inequality
  8. Leslie Knope
    An American hero and everything I aspire to be
  9. Liz Lemon
    The nerdiness, food, love of TV and comedy, and the sarcasm
  10. Tinker Bell
    Angry, tiny, sassy, and sparkly
  11. Kim Possible
    My altar ego
  12. Ginny Weasley
    NOT the quiet movie one, but the sassy, legit book Ginny who was perfect