1. so, as some of you may know, a few weeks ago, my mom's long term boyfriend moved out and they broke up
  2. I was encouraged to keep seeing him (and I wanted to) so we hang out about once a week
  3. now my family is telling me that it's "inappropriate" to be spending time with him, and that I shouldn't abandon my family (which I haven't)
  4. I got lunch with him yesterday, and both my mom and dad are mad at us for it
  5. my mom's boyfriend lived with us for about 7-8 years
  6. that's a long time
  7. i can't just stop seeing him
  8. and it's not like I haven't made the effort to see my family
  9. half the time they're too busy
  10. i just feel like I can't fucking win
  11. i love my family very much, but they have put me in a shitty spot and it's making it nearly impossible to focus on anything else
  12. idk