1. isn't usually a person's first option
  2. but, if it is, that shouldn't be so heavily stigmatized (or stigmatized at all!) that women are being selfish, are murderers, etc.
  3. birth control, plan b, condoms, spermicide, etc aren't 100% effective
  4. you can take as many precautions as you want, but you can still get pregnant
  5. my mom became pregnant with me even though she was on birth control
  6. she had the access to healthcare, a stable relationship, and both my mom and dad had a job and could afford children
  7. which is why she didn't have an abortion
  8. not everyone is that lucky
  9. we shouldn't shame a 16 year old girl for getting an abortion after being raped
  10. we shouldn't shame a 40 year old woman who has an abortion because carrying out the pregnancy can be dangerous
  11. and we shouldn't shame anyone getting an abortion, regardless of the reason
  12. abortion should be safe
  13. abortion should be legal
  14. and no one should be shamed into thinking that they are worth any less than someone who doesn't have an abortion
  15. also, it seems as though there is a large group of people who consider themselves "pro-life"
  16. but don't want to provide care and protection for a child who has been born, along with the mother
  17. that makes you pro-birth
  18. that doesn't make you pro-life
  19. end the stigma against abortion