Cat-shaming Post

  1. this is ginger boy
  2. hes an idiot
  3. his tail gets puffed up when he is scared
    (he gets scared easily)
  4. he has a lot of eye problems. he gets a lot of eye boogers
    it's really gross
  5. he has a crush on lexie (the cat behind him)
    she doesn't like him because he farts a lot and sniffs her butt 24/7
  6. he hates selfies
  7. one time he licked a lady bug repeatedly until he puked
    it was very gross
  8. he loves lying down on papers.
    he esp likes to wrinkle them up and fall asleep on them
  9. he once pooped on my moms boyfriend because he pushed too hard on his tummy
    (ps it wasn't that hard and it came out in diarrhea-like drops it was disgusting)
  10. but he is still cute and i love him
    even tho he is a disaster