1. are the literal worst
  2. i promise im not just being lazy
  3. or making it up for attention
  4. i constantly have a headahe
  5. and
  6. it
  7. sucks
  8. i hate switching meds to find the right one
  9. i hate dealing with the side effects of said medications
  10. i hate not wanting to get out of bed in the mornings
  11. i hate that there is such a stigma behind having headaches
  12. "you look fine!"
  13. "you're still functioning!"
  14. "i get headaches sometimes, can't you just take ibuprofen?"
  15. "drink more water!"
  16. "exercise more!"
  17. i
  18. have
  19. done
  20. all
  21. of
  22. those
  23. things
  24. i am actively trying to get better
  25. and be healthier
  26. and it is so frustrating that people just don't understand exactly how exhausting it is to constantly be in pain and have people consistently trivialize it or not believe me
  27. this will probably get deleted later
  28. im just frustrated rn