Inspired by @k8mcgarry
  1. You don't have to apologize for not being able to make another person happy all the time.
    Sometimes people won't respond to your help. It's not their fault, and it's not your's. Sometimes a person is sad and there isn't anything you can do to help in that moment.
  2. Popcorn is not dinner.
    ESPECIALLY when you put ranch seasoning on it.
  3. Talk to your professors as soon as you're having trouble.
    If something is affecting you and your school work, tell your professor. More than likely, they'll be understanding.
  4. Staying up until 3am to finish an assignment is the WORST. Stop procrastinating.
    Let's be honest, this won't happen.
  5. Plans change sometimes, and it's okay.
  6. Taking care of yourself is good.
    Take a shower, eat a meal, get enough rest. Try to put your wellbeing first.
  7. Affect and effect are different words.
    Idk the difference between them still.
  8. You can be passionate about something you arent the greatest at.
    I love photography, I'm not very good at it though. Other people are better at it, and that's okay.
  9. Go to your counseling appointments.