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    Hello! I'm Ashley!🙋🏻
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    I'm only writing this list to give you ideas, in case you're totally clueless as to what to get me!
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    In no way to expect any or all of these items though. This is just to help you think of ideas. I'm sure whatever you think of though will be just as great and I will love it and you very much!
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    Okay, I love cats.
    See my many lists about my cats (I have 4)
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    Anything cat related is guaranteed to make me really happy!
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    I love tea and coffee, so if you wanted to send me drinks, I'll definitely drink coffee. I have a Keurig and a pour-over, and I have a way to drink loose leaf tea, but I also could always use tea bags! Any type is great, I'm not picky at all!
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    I love cooking, so if I get recipes, I would be absolutely delighted to receive your favorite recipes, single serve meals in jars, anything! I love that sort of thing. 😊
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    I love homemade gifts, CDs, and things like that. I could always use decorations for my room at school, and if you make me a CD, I'll definitely listen to it on my way to and from school!
    I listen to a lot of music, I don't typically listen to country or music older than like the 90s, but I am pretty open to just about everything! I listen to a lot of Sia, La Dispute, Twenty One Pilots, Beyoncé, and plenty others!
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    For snacks, I like chocolate, but I'm not a fan of anything with peanut butter in it. I love dark chocolate, and the more plain, the better! I love plain dark chocolate. I don't particularly like licorice, but everything else I like and will eat! I like Take 5s, Kit Kats, etc. Just no Snickers or Reese's! I also love just about any junk food.
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    I think that's about it!
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    This isn't a wishlist, simply suggestions.
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    I am not picky and I will appreciate whatever I receive.☺️
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    Also! I put my school address. I will be there until about Dec. 8- Dec. 9th. If you don't think you can get the package delivered there by then, just send it to my home address. I just emailed @DawnCloud this information so you should be receiving my home address soon.☺️
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    Also, I'm so excited to find out who you are!☺️☺️☺️